International Workshop on Intelligent Analysis in Healthcare (IAH 2012)

15 - 18 December, 2012, Nanjing, China. In conjuction with ADMA 2012

As the development of healthcare and life science industry such as the advances in genomics, translational research, electronic health record (EHR), and etc., an increasing amount of medical data is accumulated. For example, many countries in the world announced the plan of building EHR for their residents; new clinical trials are continuous generating results; millions of enzymes, genes, diseases, and species are interacted and related. Valuable information is overwhelmed in such huge amount of data. We are facing the challenges of integrating the data from different sources, analyzing and mining the data to generate useful knowledge for decision support, and visualizing the data for interpretation, etc. We can expect data mining and intelligent analysis play a crucial role in health and life science industry, and there are opportunities for researchers from data mining areas to contribute to the above challenges together with professionals in health and life science domain. The objectives of this workshop have the following two points:
- To disseminate and share the research results and best practices of data mining approaches to the cross-disciplinary researcher from both academic and industry
- To demonstrate the applications of intelligent analysis and data mining in health and life science
The interested topics include the following, but not limited to :
- Data cleaning in healthcare and life science
- Data visualization in healthcare and life sicence
- Intelligent decision support system
- Mining of EHR data
- Mining and analysis of data in healthcare and life science
- Information extraction and knowledge representation
- Integration of biological and clinical data for translational research
- Information retrieval in healthcare and life science
- Storage for data in healthcare and life science
- …
We hope this workshop help to build up the collaboration among researchers in data mining areas and professionals in healthcare and life science domain.

Please send your paper to
All accepted papers by IAH 2012 will be published by Springer Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) series, which will be indexed by ISI Proceedings.
Program Co-Chairs
-Feng Cao, IBM Research,China
-Yuan Ni, IBM Research, China
Organizing Co-Chairs
- Xia Yinglong, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, USA
- Chong Zhihong, Southeast Univ, China
Program Committee
- Chong Zhihong, Southeast Univ, China
- Jin Cheqin, East China Normal Univ, China
- Li Ying, Peking Univ, China
- Lu Jiaheng, Renmin Univ of China, China
- Mei Jing, IBM Research, China
- Wang Xiaoyuan, IBM Research, China
- Xiong Hui, Rutgers, the State Univ of New Jersey, USA
- Xu Linhao, IBM Research, China
- Yan Ying, Microsoft, China
- Yossi Mesika, IBM Research, Haifa
- Young Ju Tak, IBM Ubiquitous Computing Lab, Korea
- Zhou Shuigeng, Fudan Univ, China
- Zhou Yongluan, Univ of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Important dates

Submission deadline:
Augest 15, 2012

Notification of Acceptance:
September 16, 2012,September 30, 2012

Camera-ready submission deadline:
September 30, 2012,October 14, 2012