Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of E-Business

Enterprise Academician Workstation at FOCUS

Research Sessions

Session A1: Social Media Mining

Leave or Stay: the Departure Dynamics of Wikipedia Editors
Dell Zhang, Karl Prior, Mark Levene, Robert Mao and Diederik van Liere
Cross-Modal Information Retrieval - A Case Study on Chinese Wikipedia
Yonghui Cong, Zengchang Qin, Jing Yu and Tao Wan
Unsupervised Learning Chinese Sentiment Lexicon from Massive Microblog Data
Shi Feng, Lin Wang, Weili Xu, Daling Wang and Ge Yu
Community Extraction based on Topic-Driven-Model for Clustering Users Tweets
Lilia Hannachi, Ounas Asfari, Nadjia Benblidia, Fadila Bentayeb, Nadia Kabachi, and Omar Boussaid

Session A2: Prediction

NAP-SC: A Neural Approach for Prediction over Sparse Cubes
Wiem Abdelbaki, Sadok Ben Yahia and Riadh Ben Messaoud
A Graph-based Churn Prediction Model for Mobile Telecom Networks
M. Saravanan and G. S. Vijay Raajaa
Use of Supervised Learning to Predict Directionality of Links in a Network
Sucheta Soundarajan and John Hopcroft
Pattern Mining, Semantic Label Identification and Movement Prediction using Mobile Phone Data
Rong Xie, Jun Luo, Yang Yue, Qingquan Li and Xiaoqing Zou

Session A3: Prediction, Regression and Recognition

Semi-supervised Gaussian Process Regression and Its Feedback Design
Xinlu Guo, Yoshiaki Yasumura and Kuniaki Uehara
Facial Action Unit and Emotion Recognition with Head Pose Variations
Chadi Trad, Hazem Hajj, Wassim El-Hajj, and Fatima Al-Jamil
Predicting Driving Direction with Weighted Markov Model
Bo Mao, Jie Cao, Zhiang Wu, Guangyan Huang, and Jingjun Li
Using Partially-Ordered Sequential Rules to Generate More Accurate Sequence Prediction
Philippe Fournier-Viger, Ted Gueniche and Vincent S. Tseng

Session A4: Optimization and Approximation

Particle Swarm Optimization of Information-Content Weighting of Symbolic Aggregate Approximation
Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad
Fast Nyström for Low Rank Matrix Approximation
Huaxiang Zhang, Zhichao Wang, and Linlin Cao
An Enhanced Class-Attribute Interdependence Maximization Discretization Algorithm
Kittakorn Sriwanna, Kamthorn Puntumapon and Kitsana Waiyamai
Towards Normalizing the Edit Distance Using a Genetic Algorithms–Based Scheme
Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad

Session B1: Clustering (I)

Constrained Spectral Clustering using Absorbing Markov Chains
Jianyuan Li and Jihong Guan
Personalized Clustering for Social Image Search Results Based on Integration of Multiple Features
Yi Zhuang, Dickson K. W. Chiu, Nan Jiang, Guochang Jiang, and Zhiang Wu
Mining Fuzzy Moving Object Clusters
Nhat Hai Phan, Dino Ienco, Pascal Poncelet and Maguelonne Teisseire
Customer Segmentation for Power Enterprise Based on Enhanced-FCM Algorithm
Lihe Song, Weixu Zhan, Shuchai Qian and Jian Yin

Session B2: Clustering (II)

Inducing Taxonomy from Tags: An Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Framework
Xiang Li, Huaimin Wang, Gang Yin, Tao Wang, Cheng Yang, Yue Yu, and Dengqing Tang
Query Directed Web Page Clustering using Suffix Tree and Wikipedia Links
Park John, Xiaoying Gao and Peter Andreae
Exemplars-constraints for Semi-supervised Clustering
Hongjun Wang, Tao Li, Tianrui Li and Yan Yang
A MapReduce-Based Parallel Clustering Algorithm for Large Protein-Protein Interaction Networks
Li Liu, Dangping Fan, Ming Liu, Guandong Xu, Shiping Chen, Yuan Zhou, Xiwei Chen and Qianru Wang

Session B3: Classification (I)

A Bag Reconstruction Method for Multiple Instance Classification and Group Record Linkage
Zhichun Fu, Jun Zhou, Furong Peng and Peter Christen
Spectral Clustering-based Semi-supervised Sentiment Classification
Suke Li and Jinmei Hao
An Feature Selection Method for Imporived Document Classification
Tanmay Basu and C. A. Murthy
Hierarchical Text Classification for News Articles based-on Named Entities
Yaocheng Gui, Zhiqiang Gao, Renyong Li and Xin Yang

Session B4: Classification (II)

Semi-Naive Bayesian Classification By Weighted Kernel Density Estimation
Lifei Chen and Shengrui Wang
Automatic Filtering of Valuable Features for Text Categorization
Adriana Pietramala, Veronica Lucia Policicchio and Pasquale Rullo
An Ensemble Approach to Multi-label Classification of Textual Data
Karol Kurach, Krzysztof Pawlowski, Lukasz Romaszko, Marcin Tatjewski, Andrzej Janusz and Hung Son Nguyen
Document-level Sentiment Classification Based on Behavior-Knowledge Space Method
Zhifei Zhang, Duoqian Miao, Zhihua Wei and Lei Wang

Session B5: Mining Time Series and Streaming Data

PCG: An Efficient Method for Composite Pattern Matching over Data Streams
Cheng Ju, Hongyan Li and Feifei Li
Visual Fingerprinting: A New Visual Mining Approach for Large-scale Spatio-temporal Evolving Data
Jiansu Pu, Siyuan Liu, Huamin Qu and Lionel Ni
Stock Trend Extraction via Matrix Factorization
Jie Wang
Stock Price Forecasting with Support Vector Machines based on Web Financial Information Sentiment Analysis
Run Cao, Xun Liang and Zhihao Ni

Session B6: Data Mining Applications

Integrating Data Mining and Optimization techniques on Surgery Scheduling
Carlos Gomes, Bernardo Almada-Lobo, José Borges, and Carlos Soares
Using Data Mining for Static Code Analysis of C
Hannes Tribus, Irene Morrigl, and Stefan Axelsson
Fraud Detection in B2B platforms Using Data Mining Techniques
Qiaona Jiang, Chunxiang Hu and Liping Xu
Efficiently Identifying Duplicated Chinese Company Names in Large-Scale Registration Database
Shaowu Liu, Yanyan Ding and Shouwei Wang

Session C1: Machine Learning: Algorithms and Applications (I)

A New Manifold Learning Algorithm Based on Incremental Spectral Decomposition
Chao Tan and Jihong Guan
Learning from Multiple Naive Annotators
Chirine Wolley and Mohamed Quafafou
Variational Learning of Dirichlet Process Mixtures of Generalized Dirichlet Distributions and Its Applications
Wentao Fan and Nizar Bouguila
Kernel Mean Matching with a Large Margin
Qi Tan, Huifang Deng, and Pei Yang

Session C2: Machine Learning: Algorithms and Applications (II)

Sparse Boosting With Correlation Based Penalty
Junlong Zhao
Query by Committee in a Heterogeneous Environment
Hao Shao, Bin Tong and Einoshin Suzuki
A New Multi-label Learning Algorithm using Shelly Neighbors
Huawen Liu, Shichao Zhang, Jianmin Zhao, Jianbin Wu and Zhonglong Zheng
Properly and Automatically Naming Java Methods: A Machine Learning Based Approach
Shusi Yu, Ruichang Zhang, and Jihong Guan

Session C3: Topic Modeling and Recommendation

Residual Belief Propagation for Topic Modeling
Jia Zeng, Xiao-Qin Cao and Zhi-Qiang Liu
The Author-Topic-Community Model - A Generative Model Relating Author Interest and Their Community Structure
Chunshan Li, William K. Chueng, Yunming Ye and Xiaofeng Zhang
Topic-centric Recommender Systems for Bibliographic Datasets
Aditya Pratap Singh, Kumar Shubhankar and Vikram Pudi
Towards a Tricksy Group Shilling Attack Model against Recommender Systems
Youquan Wang, Zhiang Wu, Jie Cao and Changjian Fang

Session C4: Web Mining and Semantic Analysis

Automated Web Data Mining Using Semantic Analysis
Wenxiang Dou and Jinglu Hu
Geospatial Data Mining on the Web: Discovering Locations of Emergency Service Facilities
Wenwen Li, Michael F. Goodchild, Richard L. Church and Bin Zhou
Summarizing Semantic Associations Based on Focused Association Graph
Xiaowei Jiang, Xiang Zhang, Wei Gui, Feifei Gao, Peng Wang and Fengbo Zhou
News Sentiment Analysis Based on Cross-Domain Sentiment Word Lists and Content Classifiers
Lun Yan and Yan Zhang

Session C5: Search, Retrieval and Privacy Preserving

Keyword Graph: Answering Keyword Search Over Large Graphs
Dong Wang, Lei Zou, Wanqiong Pan and Dongyan Zhao
Medical Image Retrieval Method Based on Relevance Feedback
Rui Wang, Haiwei Pan, Qilong Han, Jingzi Gu and Pengyuan Li
Personalized Diversity Search Based on User's Social Relationships
Ming Li, Juanzi Li, Lei Hou and Hai-Tao Zheng
Combining Spatial Cloaking and Dummy Generation for Location Privacy Preserving
Nana Xu, Dan Zhu, Hongyan Liu, Jun He, Xiaoyong Du, and Tao Liu

Session C6: Outlier Detection and Data Cube Computing

Modeling Outlier Score Distributions
Mohamed Bouguessa
A Hybrid Anomaly Detection Framework in Cloud Computing using One-Class and Two-Class Support Vector Machines
Song Fu, Jianguo Liu and Husanbir Pannu
Constrained Closed Non Derivable Data Cube
Hanen Brahmi and Sadok Ben Yahia VS-Cube: Analyzing Variations of Multi-dimensional Patterns over Data Streams
Yan Tang, Hongyan Li, Feifei Li and Gaoshan Miao

Important Due Dates

Workshop Proposals Due:
May 10, 2012

Abstract Submission Deadline:
July 10, 2012,July 31, 2012

Full Paper Submission Deadline:
July 17, 2012,July 31, 2012

Notification of Acceptance:
September 16, 2012,September 30, 2012

Camera Ready Submission Due:
September 30, 2012,October 14, 2012