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Half-day City Tour

In the afternoon of 18 December, a free city tour will be provided to all participants. The bus will start out at 13:00pm,18 December in time from the Shuangmenlou hotel. So, if you want to attend the city tour, please guarantee aboard the bus punctually.

Nanjing Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum(南京中山陵)

Zhongshan Mountain records the historical vicissitudes of Nanjing, witnesses its prosperity and decline as a capital of ten dynasties, and inherititsthousands of years of culture. As the cultural core of ZhongshanMountain, the Scenic Area of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum not only has rich and picturesque natural sceneries integrating mountain, water, city and forests, but also profound and solid cultural reserves. At the three scenic spots, including Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, the Ming Tomb and LingguTemple, more than 200 places of interest of various types are distributed, including one site of world cultural heritage, 15 key heritage sites under the state protection, and 28 heritage sites under provincial and municipal protection. More than 5 million Chinese and foreign tourists visit ZhongshanMountain every year. So to speak, ZhongshanMountain is an epitome of Nanjing as a city famous for its history and culture and the symbol of Nanjing as "a capital of philanthropy".


Nanjing Presidential Palace (南京总统府)

President palace lies in Yangtze Road, Nanjing City. Its east is a group of buildings combining eastern and western style and west is a extremely delicate garden of the south of Yangtze River, West Garde. The palace was originally established in the Qing Dynasty as the Yamen, meaning the government office, for the Governor General of two Provinces: Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It was also the traveling palace for two emperors of Qing Dynasty, Kangxi and Qianlong. It has a history of more than 600 years.
Nanjing belongs to subtropical monsoon humid climate with abundant rainfall and distinct seasons. Its average annual temperature is 15.4 ℃ , and average annual precipitation is 1106mm. It is sunny in spring, but it is rainy during the plum rain period. It is hot in summer and called the "three furnace" with Wuhan and Chongqing. It is dry and cool in autumn, cold and dry in winter. Nanjing has short spring and autumn, long winter and summer, the temperature differences between winter and summer is great. Every season has its own characteristics and all of them are good travel times.


Important Due Dates

Workshop Proposals Due:
May 10, 2012

Abstract Submission Deadline:
July 10, 2012,July 31, 2012

Full Paper Submission Deadline:
July 17, 2012,July 31, 2012

Notification of Acceptance:
September 16, 2012,September 30, 2012

Camera Ready Submission Due:
September 30, 2012,October 14, 2012